We, Livdent Oral and Dental Health Polyclinics, who do not like to imitate anyone, take an innovative step and initiate toothbrush.

What Dental Insurance?
You will no longer be worried, you can make all of the prototype dental treatments free of charge once a year.
In addition, if you do not use these services, you will have the same service package with 20% discount on regular fee next year.
If you pay for Dental Insurance, contact with us. You must be our GOLD MEMBER so that you can benefit from your own money.

Drugs used for prototype therapy:
Channel Care
Tooth extraction
Esthetic Filling
Lamine Filler
Teeth Cleaning
Panoramic X-ray
Periapical X-ray


Livdent Oral and Dental Health Clinics

Livdent is performing one of the first in the world with Dental Insurance .

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