Livdent Oral and Dental Health Clinics


Established in 2006 as one of the first Private Oral and Dental Health Polyclinics of Istanbul province Küçükçekmece district to contribute to community health without deviating from business ethics, honesty and compassion and treatment principles, our Center is serving as Special Livdent Oral and Dental Health Policlinic by following technological developments and being completely renewed. Continue to give.

In 2013 in Sefaköy İnönü Quarter Private Livdent Oral and Dental Health Inonu Policlinic named our branch was opened. Our polyclinics, which are serious and experienced health institutions, are provided with high quality, modern technological medical equipments and contemporary health services.


It is to be one of the Oral and Dental Health Polyclinics which has always been referenced with the international health standards and with the expert team, the gulli face staff, the modern infrastructure and the regional model keeping the satisfaction of the patients and their relatives at the highest level and at the same time the reliability and service understanding.


We provide quality, qualified and economical oral and dental health services that are based on ethical values, respecting patient rights, therapeutic practices as well as preventive health studies, with our qualified and expert team using the latest technological equipment regardless of religion, language, race and sex.


Livdent Oral and Dental Health Clinics

A MNG Grup Enterprise.

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