Dental Treatment in Pregnancy

Dental and gingival diseases increase the probability of childbirth by 7 times. For this reason, pregnant women should pay more attention to mouth care and feeding.

Effects of Pregnancy on Oral Dental Health: In pregnancy, the amount of acid in saliva increases and the teeth become prone to decay. Not seeing your mother’s oral hygiene after vomiting, which can be seen in the first few months, also increases the risk of rot. If mothers with gum problems do not pay attention to oral care, gum problems will increase due to hormonal changes. Gums may bleed away bleeding mothers teeth. This causes more bacteria to accumulate on the teeth and causes swelling, redness and more bleeding in the gums


Özel Livdent Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı Poliklinikleri

Dental Treatment in Pregnancy

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