Many treatments in dentistry is no longer bleeding due to improved technology performs.

Now you will hear the sound of the water drops of the laser device instead of the drill purse purse purse purse. Because this technology does not create vibration and pressure, most of the cases will not require pain, needles and anesthesia. In laser-assisted dentistry, we can summarize the functions of this technology without any need for anesthesia:
Cleaning of bruises
Preparation of filler cavity
Smoothing line correction
General soft tissue operations
Secondary implant operations
Removing dark spots on the teeth
Prevention of needle and pain
Prevention of lethargy caused by anesthesia in treatment
Bleeding control
Fenectomy Laser assisted dentistry also uses a laser device to:
Opening the implant site
Sinus lifting operations
Bone transplant operations
Bite removal operations
Any kind of bone surgery
All periodontal surgeons
Channel therapy


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